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One of the first things that needs to be considered if you are hoping to run a successful pub or nightclub is the name. The name can tell you a lot about what sort of place an establishment is. What sort of clientele they are catering to, how much a drink will cost and what to expect when you get through the door. The owners of Darwins best gay nightspot have taken this advice to heart and named it Throb. (Because of the pumping dance beats. Get your mind out of the gutter!)


As soon as she saw it Faye couldn’t wait to go in and so one night we headed out and queued up outside surrounded by gay people, straight people, transsexuals (some more convincing than others), transvestites and just about every other kind of person you could think of. It was like a burlesque carnival, and that was just the queue to get in.

Once inside it was clear that this was the place to go in Darwin. There was a big dance floor, a great mix of people and even live cabaret performances from the scantily clad Snow Bunnies (who were sadly wasted on most of this audience).


I quickly learnt that you should never judge a book by its cover, particularly in Throb as I told Faye how attractive the girl in the white dress was.


“What do you mean which girl?”. “The one dancing in the corner with the adams apple and the big…ah”.


She wasn’t the only transsexual in there that night as I discovered later. The one in the short red dress that came over and sat on my knee had made a lot less effort and was not nearly as convincing. This was mainly due to the bulging biceps which she wrapped around my neck and the fact that the music was obviously not the only thing that was throbbing in there that night. An erection can be a scary enough sight to an unprepared straight man, but this one was terrifying. It looked like a hat stand under a tablecloth. She asked if she could bum a cigarette. I was worried that would not be the only thing she planned to bum that night so lit one for her and slipped from her muscular arms back onto the dance floor.


We danced the night away many times in Throb, and although it was a touch frightening at times, it was certainly different and very enjoyable.

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