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How to Start a Travel Blog

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Most people love to travel and sharing your experiences when you get back is part of the fun. A great way to do this is to start a blog. It can seem quite daunting at first so here is a quick and simple guide to building a great travel blog.


  1. Go travelling! See the world. Go off the beaten track. People want great, unique content. The first step on the road to creating that is to see the world.
  2. Find a place to host your blog. There are a number of good websites out there where you can build a great looking website free of charge. The best of the bunch being http://www.wordpress.com
  3. Write interesting and unique content. Establish a style and stick to it. http://www.twitchyfeet.org is a great travel blog. The author has a unique, informative and amusing style which is noticeable throughout.
  4. Submit your site to all the major search engines. It can take months for a search engine to pick up a new website. If you submit it yourself this time is reduced to around a week.
  5. Make your site search engine friendly. Use plenty of keywords but don’t overdo it because this makes the articles difficult to read and will ultimately result in losing traffic, not gaining it.
  6. Write every day. The more you write, the better you will get at it and not only that, the higher your blog will rank in searches. Search engines love regularly updated sites and people will keep coming back if the content is always fresh and new.
  7. Diversify. Don’t just write articles, write a book and use your blog as a platform through which to advertise it like this one. http://twitchyfeet.org/books/
  8. Comment on other related blogs. Offer to write content for them and link back to your own site. If your content is interesting enough then you will build a fan base.


  • Be patient. It takes a long time to build up a solid following.
  • Get a catchy name for your blog that reflects the content for example http://www.twitchyfeet.org a decent domain name can be purchased for as little as £10 per year.


  • Don’t be tempted to steal other peoples material.
  • If you are good enough, people will steal yours. Don’t take offense, consider it flattering. Perhaps even contact them and ask them to link back to your blog.

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Daniel Brace is a freelance travel writer and author of Going Somewhere – An Australian Adventure available now in paperback or as an e-book. He has travelled extensively in Asia, Oceania, Polynesia and East Africa and is available for freelance writing and public speaking events.

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