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The occupy movement has been quietly advancing for some months now and it’s peaceful style of protest is finally beginning to find a foothold. A public reaction to corporate greed and unfair wealth distribution the world over, the occupy movement has done just what it set out to do, quietly get in the way to draw attention to their cause. Initially it was thought that such a low key protest would soon disperse if ignored for long enough however governments are finally taking notice.

This link leads to a short article on the celebration that was had in London prior to a meeting with the Financial Services Authority regarding banking practices.


The protest has been ongoing, far reaching and worldwide is many millions strong however has received very little coverage. Unfortunately this is as a result of the larger news organisations affiliation with the corporations against whom the “occupiers” are reacting.

Don’t think because the protests are not being covered that they are not effective, in fact the lack of coverage is evidence of just how effective they have been.

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