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As regular readers will know, I have written a book. You may also have noticed that I have used this website as a not-so-subtle way of drawing attention to this fact. I have tried to intersperse this self promotion with some interesting and hopefully funny articles which I am the first to admit, I have neglected to do recently.

I am pleased to say that I have sold more than a few copies and even more pleasingly it has received some excellent reviews, in particular this one from Waterstones.

Anyway, having been despicably apathetic towards the continuation of my blog you will (hopefully) be pleased to hear that there is a veritable glut of new and thoroughly hilarious content waiting to be added over the course of the next couple of weeks not to mention the second part of Going Somewhere – An Australian Adventure which I am hoping to release in November.

Anyway, bye for now and thank you all for reading my book (and of course buying it!)

Daniel Brace is a freelance travel writer and author of Going Somewhere – An Australian Adventure available now in paperback or as an e-book. He has travelled extensively in Asia, Oceania, Polynesia and East Africa and is available for freelance writing and public speaking events.