My 2012 New Years Resolutions And When I Will Break Them


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I never really do the whole new years resolution thing. I don’t really like new years eve at all if I’m honest although this year was a pretty good one. Mainly because I didn’t get so drunk that new years day hit me like a battering ram to the face this time, which made nice change. The list below is a by no means definitive account of my new years resolutions and my guess as to how long they will last.

Wish me luck!

1. Give Up Smoking

Well I haven’t smoked yet today. That’s not unusual for me after a night on the town, though. I’ll give it until 5th January at which point I will become unbearable company and will light up to save myself from being murdered by somebody. If only cigarettes weren’t so damned moreish.

2. Drink Less

I love a drink as those of you who read this will undoubtedly know, but I’m sure a little less wouldn’t do me any harm, if only to save money. This one will last until February when I celebrate my birthday in the only way I know how, on a night out so awesome that it will erase itself from my memory entirely.

3. Go Somewhere New

Anywhere I haven’t been before. Somewhere exotic would be wonderful, but equally there are parts of my own country that I haven’t set foot in yet. In the case of Birmingham and Leeds I would like to keep it that way. I think I should be able to keep this one.

So those are my three new years resolutions and that’s enough writing for today. I’m off for a whiskey and a cigarette.



Ten Things To Do During Your Christmas Island Vacation (Guest Article)


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What with Christmas forecast for this Sunday, I thought what better article to post than one on Christmas Island. This is a guest article on the top ten things to do while you are there. Although it is only festive in it’s title and otherwise bears no relevance to the holiday season, I see no reason not to post it based on that alone!
So here it is, Merry Christmas! (I realised I was directly quoting the Slade Song “Merry Christmas Everybody” only after I’d written that and so I decided to leave it in!) Have a good one!
Ten Things To Do During Your Christmas Island Vacation
Although a little island compared to some, Christmas Island still has a lot to offer any visitor. Here, there are a lot of things that you can do to maximize your stay. Here are ten things to do in the Christmas Island.

1.) Get to know Christmas Islands’ Culture

For you to get to know the island’s rich culture, visit Christmas Island at the months when there are festivals and celebrations. When you visit in April, you will get to experience the Anzac Day; in May, the Vesak Day; in August, the Month of the Hungry Ghost; in November, the Deepavali; etc. These are just some of the festivals and celebrations that you have to catch in this island.

2.) Visit Christmas Island National Park

In this national park, you will get to enjoy and admire a variety of this island’s flora and fauna. There are some creatures that are very abundant here in the Christmas Island yet are considered as endangered in some countries. This is what you are going to see in the national park, nature at its best.

3.) Go snorkeling

Christmas Island is a popular place if you want to go snorkeling. There are many reefs here that are homes to a myriad of sea creatures. Here, you will get to see dolphins and a variety of tropical fishes, so colorful that your stay in this island will definitely be worth it.

4.) Go scuba diving

If snorkeling is not enough for you and you want a more complete experience with Christmas Island’s marine wildlife, then go scuba diving. Not only will you get the opportunity to swim with the dolphins underwater, but you will also get to see some whale sharks at their natural habitat. No vacation in Christmas Island is real without scuba diving.

5.) Go bird watching

If you have had your fill of marine creatures, then go bird watching. This island is home to a wide species of birds. Any bird lover will surely appreciate Christmas Island.

6.) Go fishing

With the variety of fishes here, it is no wonder that Christmas Island is a great fishing spot. Catch your biggest fish ever and take photos of it to bring back home as a great souvenir. Plus, you also get to enjoy a fresh meal from your catch.

7.) Rent a yacht

What better way to explore the shoreline of Christmas Island than by renting a yacht? If you do not know how to sail, then take a guided tour along the coastline. In this way, you will really enjoy the beauty of Christmas Island’s shoreline as well as enjoy the feel of the water moving beneath your feet.

8.) Visit Flying Fish Cove

You can reach this cove through a yacht. Once there, there is a lot to do and a lot of places to explore. For starters, there are recreational activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, canoeing, etc, or you can also stroll along the cove on foot.

9.) Drive around Christmas Island

There are many car rental companies here, and it is easy to rent a car. Renting a car and driving yourself around the island is a good way to get to know the culture as well as explore the place some more. You can stop at the national park for a nature walk or you can even go to the shopping center and famous restaurants.

10.) Experience the red crabs month

And Christmas Island will not be the same without the yearly mass migration of the red crabs to the sea where they will breed and spawn. The best month to experience this is after the beginning of the wet season. This is truly a sight to behold as this island is invaded by these tiny red creatures.

About The Author

Jonathan Williams is the travel writer for Destination Guide TV – the place to share travel videos. Visit to view or share Christmas trav