As well as writing for my own blog I am also available for freelance writing, journalism and blogging. I have a regular travel column in a magazine and if you have looked carefully you may already have noticed some of my work on various other websites. The majority of my writing is related to travel but I am happy to write on any subject that you pay me to as long as I have some understanding of it.

I am also available for speaking engagements at dinners, corporate events and anything else that you may think of. My wealth of travel experience has left me a plethora of anecdotes to get any crowd laughing. From tales of travelling through the Australian wilderness in the most ridiculously painted van on the planet…

The Mystery Machine was going through a rebellious phase

…to stories of cordon bleu cooking in darkest Africa.

Baked beans and cucumber? This time you've gone too far Blumenthal.

Prices are negotiable but beware, I am well practiced in the art of bartering. For information and availability contact me at;

<a href= ‘’>  Going Somewhere – An Australian Adventure  </a>

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