How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

In this case, the answer is not blowing in the wind. In fact the answer is to be found in the vaults of the World Health Organisation who estimate that the average human being walks around 21 km per day. If we are to assume that Bob started walking vaguely average distances around the age of 8 and that he turns onto a new road every kilometer he walks then he will walk down 41 different roads per day. Even rock stars need t rest so we will assume that on Sundays he sits on his ass all day and eats nachos. This means that in his 6 day walking week Bob travels down 246 roads. If we assume that 80% of the roads Bob walks down he has used before this gives us a weekly total of 49.2 roads per week and 2558.4 roads per year. As an Englishman, Bob is legally considered to be an adult aged 18, and so in answer to his question, a man must walk down 25584 roads before you can call him a man.

How can I live without you?

Leanne Rimes may beg to differ on this but scientifically speaking, one individual does not require another to survive. But if you listen carefully to the lyrics, you will realise that she was actually singing about Siamese twins. This shows the question in an entirely different perspective and depends how they are joined. If the twins that she is singing about are separate enough to live more fulfilling lives apart then living alone could be a new and rewarding experience for them. If, however, they share vital organs like a liver or pancreas then then the answer to the question, “How can I live without you?” is simply, “Get over it. You can’t”